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Land Survey Intern Joins the Team

Brandon Martinez joined the surveying team at River City Consultants as a Land Survey Intern (LSI). He grew up in northern California and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Geography. After a few years of odd jobs, he began his career in surveying as an apprentice through Operator Engineers Local 3. He worked on prestigious projects such as Apple Park and the Marin General Hospital, learning how to be accurate and precise in high-pressure environments. After two and a half years of commuting in the Bay Area, he decided to move to Denver to be closer to the mountains and outdoor recreation. He was the primary surveyor at a very small operation before becoming a field coordinator at a much larger land development firm. He spends almost every weekend in the mountains running, skiing, cycling, or backpacking and he is very excited to live, work, and play here in Mesa County.